Wednesday, October 31, 2007

spooky, creepy, other-worldly

On a night when ghosts and goblins (or at least Venom and Yoda) come a calling, it's easy to entertain irrational beliefs. For instance, I recently wrote about something I really disliked, and then a blog with a prominent link up and to the left here went and did exactly the thing I hate. So I removed their link and replaced it with Wide Open, the Plain Dealer project bringing together 4 prominent Ohio political bloggers, 2 liberal and 2 conservative. A week later the Plain Dealer fires one of the best political bloggers in Ohio because Steve LaTourette doesn't like him. Needless to say, Wide Open is toast.

So now that I have decided that the spot up and to the left is cursed, I can go ahead and put the mother of all non-scientific methodologies up there. You can now take part in the only pre-election poll I know of for the three big Bexley races. Please vote once, and once only.

Clap if you believe in internet polls. Happy Halloween.

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