Friday, November 02, 2007

In the Wider World

A young man named Aaron Dagres from Newark has thrown his hat into the ring in Ohio's 12th U.S. Congressional District. For the moment, I'm pretty much of the exact mindset as Jerid, on this. Mr. Dagres was probably inspired by the lack of a credible Dem candidate. That didn't last long. BSB is also reporting that Stonewall Democrats Columbus president Russ Goodwin will soon be officially getting into the race. Next week I will start looking more closely at the legislative landscape again. Right now I'm still as interested in the fallout from LaTourette's involvement with the Wide Open scandal at the Plain Dealer. As another blogger who has pushed at his Congressman, I'm quite interested in what happens when the Rep. pushes back, not just in cyberspace, but in the real world.

2008 starts next week, though. All of this can wait that long.

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