Monday, November 05, 2007

Election Eve

I've got one more interview to post on, as I sat down Saturday Morning with Gene Weiss to discuss his candidacy for mayor of Bexley. Before I do that post, let me take care of some business:

#1) The Franklin County Board of Elections has an excellent set of resources to answer your voting questions, including a form that will tell you exactly where you are supposed to vote, what ID you need, the hours the polls are open, and even a replica ballot, so you can do last minute research on the judges or read the text of the charter amendments before you step into the booth (this is actually the ballot from my precinct - other precincts have the same candidates and issues, but with different names at the top of the lists).

#2) I ran out of time at the end of the campaign to get to everyone who had wanted to talk, as I had to go up to Michigan and chaperone an overnight birthday party with a handful of sugar-buzzed pre-teen boys. I'd like to apologize to Joan Fishel, Travis Irvine, and Robyn Jones, all of whom made unsuccessful attempts to sit down with me. Hopefully we'll still get a chance to converse regardless of what happens tomorrow night.

#3) If you're not from Bexley, you still might very well have an important election tomorrow. I've had a chance to sit down and talk with all of the incumbent Columbus City Council Candidates with the exception of Priscilla Tyson, and my view from the sidelines is that they're all doing an exceptional job. If you live in Franklin County, you've got a chance to vote out Municipal Court Judge Amy Salerno and replace her with Joseph L. Mas. You may remember her as the judge who excoriated the Buckeye QB who was pleading not guilty in a solicitation case.

#4) If you're looking for endorsements from me in the Bexley races, you won't find them, I'm not doing them. I've decided, finally, who I'm voting for in each of the races tomorrow. Having said that, the odds are that the winner of the mayoral election won't be the candidate that I voted for, but I'm pretty confident I'll be comfortable with the winner, regardless.


Bexley Voter said...

This is such an exciting time for Bexley. Please get out and vote tomorrow.

Casual Observer said...

Get out and vote, indeed.

The polls are silent. Surprising to me to say the least.

Imagine if we were having to vote for the first new Mayor in over 30 years. Maybe that would do the trick.