Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Congratulations and otherwise

John Brennan is the mayor-elect of Bexley.
Masser, McClelland, Morison, and Kessler have been elected to city council, Hanz Wasserburger has not.
Craig Halliday and Joan Fishel have been elected to the Bexley Board of Education. Unofficially, Joan defeated Michele Kusma by 13 votes, 2092 to 2079.

Congratulations to the winners, they're all perfectly competent and will do a fine job for Bexley. Best of luck to those who didn't win this time around, I have to say I'm still surprised at some of the results.


Anonymous said...

Where are you getting the numbers for the school board race? According to the Franklin County Board of Elections website, Michele Kusma has won by 13 votes.

bonobo said...

The votes were counted at the Montrose Gym before being sent to the BOE. The BOE's website is currently showing vote totals from tonight, but they are not including the absentee votes yet. The absentee votes are what decided the race...

...assuming that it holds up to a recount. I will have to check, but I believe that margins less than 1/4 of a percent trigger automatic recounts, and 13 votes is less than .25%

Anonymous said...

Bexley has spoken, this election states more than just the candidate choice,it speaks loudly the values, standards and lack of awareness as to the needs of the community. A simple example, the rumor that the Bexley City employees recently voted to unionize all employees.
I guess voting for friendships and emotions instead of skills was not such a good idea.