Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Curse of Blue Bexley

So I started this blog in 2006, a year in which Democrats made huge gains in Ohio and nationwide. They did not, however, win in the 12th U.S. Congressional District, the 3rd State Senate District, or the 20th Ohio House District. When the Ohio blogging community was ecstatic, I was moping.

So, it's not so bad this time, in part because I wasn't actually advocating for anyone in the Bexley municipal and school board races. But I can't help but notice that there are seven candidates with links over on the right, and the one mayoral candidate who didn't have his name permanently on the front page was... John Brennan.

The whole thing may seem to break down with the City Council race as Ben Kessler, the only council candidate to sit down for one of my October interviews, ran much stronger than many expected. But not really. Someone, unfortunately, had to be the odd man out in that race, and there was widespread surprise that it was Hanz. Hanz was the very first Bexley officeholder I met in person. Sorry, Hanz.

And finally, in the Bexley Board of Education race, we had some very good candidates. The one who sat down to talk with me missed by a small enough margin that it will probably trigger an automatic recount.

So, when I said "congratulations and otherwise" in the last post, that was "congratulations... and my apologies."


immererin said...

I appreciate the cynicism of the omission of Brennan as well as the interview status with others...

But lack of recognition does not always equal success! No one has noticed ME in my lifetime and I'm not the next Hilary by a long shot...

Keep up the good work.

Bexley voter said...

I am deeply saddened that Hanz was not chosen to remain on council. I'm disappointed that the voters of Bexley chose to keep long term incumbents that I think are partially responsible for the lack of long term planning for our city. We had an opportunity for change and it wasn't taken. At least, Ben Kessler is now on council.