Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Random New Hampshire Thought

I'm sure that someone will examine this in the exit poll data, but in the absence of that evidence, take a little walk with me...

A) Independent voters were supposed to be good for both McCain and Obama
B) McCain and Romney were polling neck-and-neck coming into today
C) Obama was at 6-10 points up and climbing going into today

If I'm an independent NH voter, and I fit the stereotype, my dream matchup is McCain/Obama. When I go into the polling place today, and I have to pick a ballot, do I want a Dem ballot, so I can help Obama cruise to a big victory, or do I want a GOP ballot, so I can help McCain eke out a squeaker?

Perhaps the vaunted NH Unaffiliateds outsmarted themselves.


Bev said...

Quite an interesting analysis. I too had pondered the effect of the variables, i.e. indepedent voters and hidden agendas.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this comment. That was exactly what I was thinking and I have been looking for some article in the Times or somewhere that points this out. So far, I have seen nothing. It would be interesting if this was true. Claire