Thursday, January 10, 2008

Stay Classy

An unsolicited piece of advice - If you ever find yourself trying to express the proper balance of sympathy and antipathy, stop. There is no such thing, and you're about to make yourself look like a prick.


Pho said...

LOL. No idea what you were talking about until I scrolled down my reader a bit more.

BuckeyeStateBlog said...

Tried to email you, but for some reason your gmail wasn't working.

I stand by my comments. I feel awful for the guy and his situation, but I think the blast he took at the party out the door was entirely unwarranted and unfair. Also, it builds resentment in Franklin County over petty stuff that is misplaced (there are tons of stuff to go after the party on, that one was BS). I obviously would have dug into him much more, had it not been for the situation he faces. But just because he faces that situation, he doesn't get a free pass on saying whatever he wants without response. I'm not the only one that feels that way.

If that makes me a prick, so be it.

Ryan said...

Ok then. You are a prick.

Eric Vessels said...

of course you can express a sense of antipathy and sympathy. i felt really sorry that falwell's family had to endure the death of a loved one. still dislike the fucker and everything he stood for.

see? easy. absolutely disagree with there being no such thing.

i personally like paul. ryan as well. i'm easy. i agree with most everything politically they do - i think. political strategy? we diverge pretty violently.

i think that kind of letter has no place in a withdrawal from a race. it's politically tone deaf. i felt weird reading the letter. it was a mix of political and personal. i would have preferred to get a personal note from him and express my sorrow for his loss along with a short political statement of withdrawal. seems more appropriate.

the announcement was a mixture of personal and political. how can you expect people not to react (sincerely) to both?

all that said, my deep condolences to paul on the loss of his father. i can't imagine what my life will be like when that happens to me. he's one hell of an activist. any disagreement we may have pales in comparison to the loss of a family member and the larger struggles we face as Democrats and Progressives.

BuckeyeStateBlog said...


As always, much love for ya big guy.


Ryan said...

Oh Jerid-

I cannot in mixed company express the feelings I have for you.


BuckeyeStateBlog said...

The love's that strong? I'm touched.

Nothing's wrong with expressing a little man love and emotion.

I'll admit it, I got all teary eyed the other night while watching a movie.

bonobo said...

Not to hit and run, but answering Eric is the simplest way for me to answer all y'all-

With Falwell you give past tense sympathy and present tense antipathy. That's one way to get around it. With Mr.Ackerman, you express disagreement without sounding like you personally dislike him. That's another way. Finally, you critique Paul's note as awkwardly mixing personal and political. You're spot-on. The problem is, when you do this on the victim side, you come across as awkward. When you mix the same personal and political in the other direction, you come off otherwise. Politically tone deaf.

Regardless, I wasn't trying to judge the merits of anyone's claims. How the hell would I know if Paul has a legitimate beef with the party? I just thought there were more effective ways to make them.

Anonymous said...


I’ve watched off and on the comments on this thread with lessening interest, but I do feel a few words should be said.

First and foremost to Jason: I apologize if my newsletter was awkward, but sometimes life can be awkward. I didn’t ask for either of the events of the last ten days to happen let alone for them to happen at the same time. I am fundamentally an emotional person. Ryan will testify to that I’m sure!

I cannot express how it feels to be standing in a hospital room, watching the man you’ve known for 46 years lie there, barely conscious and not really be sure if he even knows you are there. This man, whom I loved, was my guide, my protector and frankly my biggest cheerleader in whatever I tried to do I my life. It is an incredibly helpless feeling, frankly. Now couple that with getting a cell phone call with the news that Zach Manifold has said something else that is really offensive. Not a good combination and I will plead guilty to not liking the juxtaposition.

I knew that whatever I said, whether it was light and breezy, dark and brooding, matter of fact or even if I said nothing at all, it would appear on the front page of Buckeye State Blog because Jerid, who has become the mouthpiece of certain elements of the Democratic Party has decided that his mission in life is to try to make me look bad. In fact, all he has done is to make himself look foolish instead. He takes dictation in a way popularized by Judith Miller of the NY Times in the run up to the Iraqi war.

Therefore, I decided to speak as I found and to express myself in the way that seemed best to me without worrying about what some kid wearing size 2 shoes, trying desperately to fill the size 12 shoes left for him, failing, and knowing that he is failing, thinks of me. Couple that with the personal comments from his pet pedophile about my personal appearance and you get quite a stew over there (I guess I should be thankful that he wasn’t paying attention to my young daughter instead). It doesn't take much to recognize a serious inferiority complex when I see one

I have heard from so many people over the last twenty-four hours, from friends, office holders, bloggers, fellow candidates and from some people who I have never met. I have been humbled by their words and am certainly not worthy of most of them.

I never told my Father that I was running for this seat. When I started this in November, I figured there was only a 50% or so chance that I would get past the filing deadline. I made it clear from the start that I wasn’t interested in a primary because I saw how destructive that was in the 2006 race in which my wife was involved. His health was failing and he didn’t really need an additional stress in his life and he would have been worried.

Yes, I have some serious complaints with certain elements of the local party and I am not alone. Based on what I’m hearing from some elected officials I’m starting to get a clearer picture of what has been happening, but it doesn’t matter now.


BuckeyeStateBlog said...

I've battled Paul before, no need to do it again.

Simple condolence Paul.

Anonymous said...

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