Saturday, March 15, 2008

Favorite Female Bloggers

A short while back, I got an email about a site where you could nominate your favorite female blogger in a competition designed to highlight the contributions of such folks. Because it was sent as an email, and not posted on her excellent blog, I figured I would read between the lines and I quietly went to the site and simply nominated the sender of the email*.

She has since posted about the contest, and it also seems that multiple nominations are okay, so I'll go ahead and post, pushing some names publicly forward:

Jill - Writes Like She Talks
Sarah - Neutral Zone Trap
Lisa Renee - Glass City Jungle

There are some national bloggers worthy of recognition, which they'll probably get without our help. If you want to make sure the left is well represented, you'll probably want to give a nod to Jane Hamsher and/or Digby. As long as I'm throwing out names, Megan McCardle's brand of libertarianism (lacking almost all of the pompous, the selfish, the mean-spirited, the shallow, and/or the plain crazy that for some reason tend to co-occur with people claiming the philosophy) is very engaging, and makes her the blogger least likely to pre-emptively get the "mark as read" treatment in my overflowing RSS reader. I'm sure you've got others. Feel free to lobby in the comments.

*I am, of course, kidding about my interpretation of intent.


LisaRenee said...

Thank you! That's pretty flattering company to be included with.


Jill said...

Thanks, Bonobo. Ditto the flattering company. I'm always torn about this kind of thing - recognition is nice, it really can be. But on the other hand, self-promo does not come easy to me. On the other hand, once I start (like with the CNN and BBC stuff), it's a little easier.

Anyway - thanks. :)

adap2k said...

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