Monday, March 10, 2008

How Bexley Voted

Turnout was high in Bexley (4951 votes, 49%), comparable to the 2006 general election and 15-20% higher than last fall's municipal election. For an extensive discussion on interpreting turnout numbers, along with Bexley precinct maps and turnout history, please see this post and the associated links it contains.

The Franklin County BOE has precinct level information for all races on all ballots in a big unwieldy html document, and I've created a workbook that has the data from each Bexley Precinct for the races of interest, as well as individual spreadsheets (see links/tabs along the bottom of workbook) for overall turnout and each of the races.

The quick and dirty summaries:
Obama - 2014, 53%, 10/12 precincts
Clinton - 1735, 46%, 2/12 precincts (1-c, 3-c)
Others - 25, 0%, 0/12 precincts
Undervotes (blank)- 7

Dagres - 238, 11%, 0/12 precincts
Goodwin, 854, 40%, 1/12 precincts (1-C)
Robinson, 1036, 49%, 11/12 precincts
Undervotes (Blank), 1653, more blanks than votes for winner in 12/12 precincts

Campbell - 904, 39%, 0/12 precincts
Garland - 1395, 61%, 12/12 precincts
Undervotes - 1481, more blanks than votes for winner in 7/12 precincts

Lazarus - 1948, 61%, 12/12 precincts
O'Grady - 1226, 39%, 0/12 precincts
Undervotes - 605, more blanks than votes in 0/12 districts

I must admit, that last one has me at a loss. More than 1000 voters who couldn't muster a vote in the congressional primary voted in the County Commissioner primary, and they did so overwhelmingly for Cindy Lazarus, who lost the election countywide. I hate to say it, but this certainly looks like ammo for the conspiracy theorists. Ms. Lazarus had a good deal of support from local GOP officials, and the winner of this race was destined to be the overwhelming favorite in November. At least some of the discrepancy here is bound to be due to Republican-leaning voters pulling Democratic ballots*.

*Obviously, this does not explain everything, nor does it mean that all of those cross-votes were mischief makers. It should be noted, in this regard, that Lazarus actually received more votes in Bexley than Hillary Clinton did.


Michelle said...

Nice going on all these stats! Franklin County did post ealier today an Excel file of the primary results, but it look like (so far) it only includes the Republican candidates.

Rodger said...

Yes the under vote was big and I think the reason for more votes in the County Commissioner race are the result of more public exposer of that race than the 12th. Lazarus and O'Grady ran TV ads the congressional Guys did not run TV ads.

Anonymous said...

Just an FYI...

there are more than 20,000 provisional ballots yet to be counted.