Thursday, March 06, 2008

Overdue Fawning

The title is a bit of an inside joke, but of the things I should have been putting on the blog during the time I wasn't blogging, the most egregious omission wasn't election-related, it was related to Bexley Government and blogging.

Specifically, I failed to help promo the launch of Ben Kessler's City Council Blog. Ben is attempting to create wider access to and interaction with the Bexley City Council for those of us it serves. I don't know if he discussed the blog in his ongoing interview on WCRX-LP, but if you hear it, let me know.

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WCRX-LP Editorial collective said...

Yes, Ben discussed the topic. In Tim Nassau's interview, Ben discusses his efforts to make civic information and documents accessible to public.

The interview was aired Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week. If anyone wants to listen to it again, email and it can be added to the schedule for next week.

A summary of the interview is posted on the radio station blog at