Friday, March 28, 2008

That Wasn't Cool

I was going to write something decrying the sensationalism that has accompanied the story of a Bexley resident who has allegedly behaved pretty badly. As of this posting, three of the five stories on the Bexley news feed over in the right hand column are about Ms. Tatum, and I watched ONN do pretty extensive coverage this morning.

My holier-than-thou tendencies were no match, however, for the surge of gleeful immaturity that welled forth within me after I mentioned this story in conversation, and the reply was a spot-on impersonation of the PSA with the woman sitting with a cup of coffee at her kitchen table:

"I didn't know it was illegal to seduce my kid's friends after serving them alcohol in my own house! That I could be fined, arrested, even jailed? ... And I was. And that wasn't cool."

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