Wednesday, April 02, 2008

While Your Mind is on Your Tax Return...

You probably noticed the place on your Ohio Tax Return where you could claim a $50 credit ($100 if filing jointly) for contributing to a statewide or General Assembly candidate.

What that means is that the state basically reimburses you for contributions up to those amounts. Because 2007 didn't feature many statewide races and most primaries hadn't entered into the public consciousness, you are probably leaving that space blank.

Don't let it happen again. There are a number of critical State House races this year, and money donated early turns into more money donated later. Money donated by Friday goes into the first widely viewed finance report for these candidates, and goes a long way toward fueling not just the mechanics of the campaign, but the buzz around it.

Here in Bexley, we have a highly qualified Democratic challenger to Jim Macgregor in the 20th district. Her name is Nancy Garland, she has survived a tough primary, she has the support of the party, and she could really use your support as well. Like I said, donate $50 bucks and the state will pay you back next spring, but hopefully you'll start reaping the dividends several months earlier, when we take back the State House in November.

Click Here to Contribute.

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Ben said...

I had no idea about that. Thanks for bringing that to my atttention.