Friday, June 27, 2008

Buckeye Punditeers

Maybe you've been thinking to yourself, the last thing the Ohio Blogosphere needs is more people who have been to law school. Or perhaps you think Wide Open and The Point came to exist because you have to pay ideological opposites to share a blog.

But it turns out I'd you'd be wrong.

Two OSU Moritz Law students have started a blog called 'Buckeye Punditeers'. From their inaugural post:

Your hosts are a study in contradictions. A liberal Democrat from Ohio's Bible belt and a moderate Republican from Cuyahoga county, they come together in their love of politics and the law. We seek to bring you an unvarnished view of the political world from our own fiercely held perspectives, and allow you to glean the truth from somewhere in between.

So far the posts are well-written, intelligently put together, and at times pretty funny. As the year goes by and there is more direct engagement between candidates in races up and down the ticket, I imagine that the direct engagement between these guys will be pretty entertaining.

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