Thursday, June 26, 2008

Robinson Campaign Updates (OH-12)

There's been a little bit of buzz building in the background in the weeks since Obama got the nomination. Overall, the numbers are favoring Democrats across the country in ways similar to the 'wave' election of 2006. In addition, the demographics of the Obama base may make the waves crest in different places this year. For instance, OH-12 is heavily comprised of African-Americans and college-educated whites. These are both groups that tend to favor Obama in greater proportions than they have other Democratic candidates, and turnout is expected to be high. The geeks at Cogitamus did a chart last month shows Pat Tiberi as one of the most vulnerable Republican incumbents to an Obama coattail effect.

While the buzz has to do with factors beyond the campaign's control, the activity level within the campaign seems to have ratcheted up several notches in just the last couple of weeks. Robinson's event calendar is looking increasingly packed, including

The oh-so-exclusive House Party on Sunday (if you've read this far, you're invited. Please RSVP),

and the campaign has sent out their first "E-Newsletter" comparing the 'Tiberi Two-Step' on seniors' issues to Robinson's plans to support senior citizens on issues like healthcare (importation and negotiation to reduce drug costs) and retirement security (pension safeguards, protecting Social Security). One of the articles mentions the low ratings given to Mr. Tiberi by a variety of Seniors' groups. What they don't mention is something that I found interesting when I followed up on the info in the newsletter, namely that Mr. Tiberi did, just once, get a positive annual rating from a group on senior citizen issues. It came from a group called RetireSafe. RetireSafe is based in Virginia. Actually, RetireSafe rents a mailbox in Virginia. RetireSafe is part of the 'Council for Government Reform.' This group was formerly named the National Center for Privatization, which helps explain why RetireSafe's number one issue is:

Social Security

* Personal Retirement Accounts allowing individual choice, control and ownership

So, if you're the type of Senior who believes in privatizing Social Security, perhaps Tiberi is actually your guy.

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