Thursday, October 30, 2008

Got Hope?

As I was driving into work this morning I was listening to an interview with a guy who does focus groups, and he was saying that each time they tested one of McCain's (or allied groups') negative/contrast ads, it strengthened the resolve of those already categorized as McCain supporters, but moved undecideds and even "leans McCain" voters toward Obama. On the other hand, independently produced positive ads for Obama were scoring off the charts all around. The media guy was hypothesizing that the effectiveness of negative ads in a campaign is inversely proportional to the general unease of the electorate.

This had me thinking about my last post, in which it seems that Pat Tiberi is going negative at the end, in a move that is both risky and traditional. I was thinking that now would be the perfect time for the Robinson campaign to put a positive ad like "Air Robinson" up in front of the public.

As it turns out, they were a step ahead of me. While "Air Robinson" is an inherently visual ad, how do you go that positive on radio? You do it with a radio ad like this one:

Abbey For Robinson.

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