Friday, October 17, 2008

Supreme Court Backs Brunner, Dispatch Rails Against Hyper-Partisan Court

The first part is true, the Supreme Court has vacated the temporary restraining order that the GOP thought would help them stem the overwhelming tide of new voters for Obama. The second part is just a guess. The Dispatch is convinced that Brunner is acting as a partisan if she continually rules against the GOP when they complain. The problem is, even republican judges and appointees tend to think that the GOP are wrong on the merits almost all of the time. The Dispatch seems to think that a non-partisan SOS rules for one party half the time, and the other party half the time.

It's nice that instead of putting the Dems into a position where they ask Brunner to kick half the Republican candidates off the ballot, knowing that the Dispatch would support her kicking half of them off, a much more rational solution (aka the rule of law) was settled upon.

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