Thursday, October 16, 2008

Transient Campaign Workers Register to vote in Franklin County

Ryan Meerstein is a political operative. As a teenager, he ran races in Pennsylvania, then attended college in PA. He played basketball in college against teams like Otterbein, so he had been in Central Ohio before he got the gig running Bush's 2004 Central Ohio office. He voted in Columbus in November of 2004. Then he left and did more political gigs. He was with the RNC inside the beltway, then worked on a Tennessee senate campaign. During the primaries, he was running a South Carolina campaign for Rudy Giuliani. If he voted for Giuliani in the Primary, he didn't do it in Ohio. Ryan hasn't, according to the admittedly spotty Franklin County voter file, voted in Ohio since he was here working on a campaign in November 2004. He is currently at the head of the McCain campaign in Ohio, working out of Columbus. On Sept. 26 he registered to vote. On Oct. 14, his absentee ballot was received in Franklin County. By December, Mr. Meerstein will be gone again.

Why is it okay for Mr. Meerstein to flit into Ohio every four years, register, vote, and leave? How many McCain staffers have registered to vote for the first time in Ohio during the last two months, and won't be here 30 days after the election? McCain staffers like Paul Lindsay, who arrived from D.C. at the same time as Meerstein and registered in Ohio for the first time on Sept 3. Lindsay registered at the same address as McCain staffer Jason Levine, a New Jersey native and Beltway professional who came before the primaries. Think he's signed a renewal on his lease?

Think about this when you read the stories about how the Franklin County prosecutor has opened an investigation against people who have come from out of state and are in Ohio working and volunteering for "Vote From Home."

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Ike said...

First there will be a big under vote in the 12th. Undervoteing is When someone goes in and votes for Obama than walks out. The av % of undervote is around 6% I feel it could run as high as 20% in some areas. In March the undervote in some areas of the 12th was as high as 50% on the Dem side in Robinsons race. Also some Rep will vote Obama but still vote repu down ticket. Robinson is a hard worker and has tryed to get his name out to the voters in the best way he can.....but as I said before its the money and Tiberi has it and Robinson does not. Unless the DCCC put up some TV ads for Robinson I feel it will go Tiberi's way. Bottom line is about 80% of the people in the 12th do not know who Robinson is and you know the DCCC is polling and seeing the numbers as well as the repus. Wish it was the other way around and I do wish the DCCC would wake up.