Friday, October 03, 2008

Though My Lack of Education Never Hurt Me None...

I was doing a bit of quick research on a fun post following up BSB's assertion that Steve Stivers is claiming that MJK is a Socialist, in part because she was in law school at OSU at the same time (1979-1981) as the French Director who made a film about American Socialism was teaching photography at OSU. By that token a certain member of the U.S. House who began studies at OSU in 1981 is also a Socialist. I'm sure Mr. Tiberi's staff will be as surprised as anyone.

That's not the bit I'm concerned about now, however, as something very disturbing (to me at least) came up when I tried to find Ohio Statehouse Reps who had been at OSU during that time period. Not many as it turns out, in part because nearly 30% of them do not actually have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college/university.

Let me say that again. Of the 99 seats currently filled in the Ohio House, 27-29 of them are held by folks without a bachelor's degree, including 33% of Republicans and 22%-26% of Democrats (two reps are unclear as to their degree status).

Perhaps I'm an elitist, but holy cow. When we tell our young people that there are no good jobs for folks without a college degree, we're apparently overlooking "legislator."


rickeybobby said...

So you need a degree to be in the Ohio House? Is is the peoples house? What % of voters have a College degree? This post does not have much of a point, at least not to me.

open mind said...

I don't think it's elitist at all. While I don't think it should be a requirement, the fact that it is an issue at all is pretty amazing. Wow.

I wonder if there's a geographic pattern as to where the degree/ non degree rep's come from. Interesting post.