Wednesday, September 27, 2006

And now, yes, something good about Goodman

It turns out that Goodman's campaign does have a website. Silly me, I wasn't expecting it to be keyworded:

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If I only spent more time looking for progressives named Emily Kreider, I would have stumbled upon it much faster. Anyway, the thing that pops out most quickly is that yes, he was once a member of our city Council, although he spells it incorrectly:

As a former Bexly City Councilman, ...

The second thing is the lack of substance. Spend more on education while cutting lots of taxes. Jobs good. Sexual predators bad.

Luckily, there is a site that gives more info on Mr. Goodman, and even discusses some of his accomplishments. It's EOPAC, or the political action committee of Equality Ohio. At first I was confused, and thought that this was one of those cynical appropriations of positive terminology, but no, Mr. Goodman is legitimately endorsed by a major LGBT advocacy group.

Apparently, Mr. Goodman was one of the only Republicans to vote against the gay marriage ban. Good for you, Mr. Goodman.

So, I can't help but wonder, given that he does have an example of something that looks like leadership on his resume, why is he not running positive ads based on his support of gay rights and opposition to discrimination? Why doesn't he mention this endorsement on his website? Why is equality not an issue worthy of being listed alongside holding public officials accountable for corruption on his list of positions?

EOPAC lists several criteria that they look for when getting involved in a political campaign. The very first one they list is:

elect candidates to office who champion (not just “support”) equal rights

Is that actually David Goodman?

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Bo Shuff said...

As Political Director of the Equality Ohio Campaign Fund, I feel obligated to respond to this post, and stand proudly behind David Goodman for re-election to Ohio Senate District 3.

The criteria that you mention in your post is accurate, we endorse candidates for office who champion Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender equality, and Senator Goodman has met that test. While we would all hope that more people from each of the parties would be supportive of LGBT Equality, Sen Goodman went above and beyond just voting against issue 1. On the day of the floor vote, Sen. Goodman took to the floor and implored his colleagues to vote against Issue 1. He reminded them of a history that now causes us to question how people could possibly have justified slavery, discrimination, sexism, religious intolerance and hatred. He warned the Senate that if they passed this measure in time they would be seen the same way. His remarks demonstrated true leadership, no matter what party he is from. The fact that he is a Republican makes it even more noteworthy, in not only did he stand up for us, he stood up to his friends to do it.

Our endorsement of Sen. Goodman was not made in a vacuum. We feel that Emily Kreider brings a perspective to campaigns that is needed. I can say that unlike some races where we are forced to choose between a lesser of two evils, in this case we chose the stronger of two allies. Sen. Goodman has represented the interests if the LGBT community, and we are proud to support him in the face of criticism from some of our friends.