Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Has anyone seen Goodman's attack ads?

I caught the line "How can we trust Emily Kreider..." at the tail end of an ad as I was flipping through news programs this morning (On one of our local Sinclair-Owned affiliates... has anyone studied whether there are ideological patterns of ad buys across local broadcasters in any of the major media markets?), but I missed the bulk of the ad.

Then, later this morning, it came to my attention that someone had found my blog by searching on the terms emily-kreider-failed-to-vote. This made me think that this was an attack line being used.

Once again, I'm flabbergasted. Yes, I said flabbergasted.

Before I enumerate my points of flabbergastation, I need to find out more info on the attack ads. If you know anything, leave a comment or better yet, come to the fundraiser tonight and tell me in person.

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