Tuesday, October 03, 2006

GOP ads

I've tried to get video of the attack ads on Kreider and Shamansky, but they don't appear to have publicly available on-line versions. Other attack ads are on the web, even when they supposedly are not. Hence, my morning:

The GOP used copyrighted footage from the Ohio Channel in an attack ad on future auditor Barbara Sykes.
Then they said they had the right to use it anyway.
Then they said they were going to pull it.
Then they emailed all of their supporters with a link to the video.
Then they had apparently pulled it.
Then I read about it all in the Dispatch Ad Watch:

Yesterday, the spot had been removed from the party’s Web site, but still could be viewed through the YouTube.com link provided in the Republican e-mail until late afternoon.

GOP spokesman John McClelland said he had been told that staffers had pulled the spot from both sites and couldn’t explain why it was still up on YouTube-.com.

"We agreed to take it down, but we still believe we had the right to use it," McClelland said.

And then I sent this message to the Dispatch:

You recently reported that the Republican Party pulled an ad from their website that used copyrighted material without permission. As of 2 minutes ago, the following ad was available on their website:


Sunday, October 01, 2006 : Tax Hike Sykes doesn't want you to see this
Barbara Sykes, the Democratic candidate for state auditor, doesn't want you to see this video because it exposes her true record. See for yourself.

Is this the ad you were describing?

-J.S., Bexley

Then the reporter for the Dispatch replied:

that's it. thanks for sharing,

Then I decided to share with the whole class.

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