Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Poopyhead Pat

So, once again, I'm slow on the uptake. Yesterday I post about how you can't get any of these negative ads the Republican candidates are using online (except, oddly enough, the ones that they say you can't get on-line) . 12 hours later, RightAngleBlogOhio creates a YouTube Account and posts their first video. It's the very lame attack ad against Bob Shamansky. Plunderbund and OH-12 and BSB and everybody and their blogging cousin has jumped on this and other overnight Shamansky/Tiberi developments already. The 'substantive' attack has to do with Shamansky having multiple addresses. What can I say? I went off half-cocked this summer about the Delaware Co. auditor's photos and descriptions of Tiberi's address being a vacant lot. That much is actually true, but it didn't hold up under further investigation.

Anyway, the non-substantive 'hook' of the ad is calling the candidate Bob "SHAM" ansky.

Did somebody's second-grader come up with that?

Mr. Tiberi, you may have taken money from predatory lenders and predatory pedophiles, pushed young Ohio soldiers into a conflict where they died in disputes over which flavor of Islam is best, failed to protect Ohio jobs, Ohio seniors, or U.S. borders, shifted some tax burden to the middle class (but the majority of it to our children), but I guess all I really have to say to you is:

Patty Berry, you're a poopyhead, so there.

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