Friday, November 03, 2006

Aw, Snap! Dispatch Ad Watch Smacks Tiberi

'Aw, Snap!'

That's what us un-hip adults are supposed to think the kids are saying, right? I should be able to do better but this has left me temporarily speechless. The Dispatch Ad Watch of the latest Tiberi ad is... well just go read it. Need a tease? It ends with the line:

Tiberi says he approves of his ad, but what do his parents think?

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Political Outcast said...

I'll say this: no matter what, I do appreciate the job the CD does with Ad watch.

However, I don't know where they get that the ad makes fun of his age; it could easily refer to the fact that his politics are a relic of the past. The CD is stretching a bit on that one.