Saturday, November 04, 2006

First Big Day

We are now counting the time until the polls close in hours instead of days. The GOP has their 72 hour plan, and they really believe that their GOTV machine can snatch victories from the jaws of defeat. This year, things are going to be different. Pardon the preachiness and cheesiness, but it's going to be different because our side is realizing that, even if it's just for 72 hours every other year, simply reading blogs and voting won't get it done.

Please consider phone banking with Bev Campbell in Gahanna (9:30am-7pm today)

Or walking door-to-door with literature for Emily Kreider in Westerville(9:30 and 1:00pm)

Or canvassing for Bob Shamansky in Columbus (10am-12 pm)

(For campaign-specific work, details are here)

Or filling whatever slot they've got at GOTVOhio

(Details here)

Or, additionally, there may be opportunities elsewhere in OH-12 for folks with a sense of adventure and a poker face. Use the contact address (

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