Friday, March 09, 2007

Candidate Envy

Everyone is all over the Dispatch article today confirming what has long been suspected, that Mary Jo Kilroy and Paula Brooks both want to represent the 15th District in the 111th Congress. Earlier this week I made one of those jokes that is so obviously a pathetic attempt to cover up a non-joke with a veneer of jokeyness - I suggested that one of the two women should move a mile-and-a-half into the 12th District. It just doesn't seem fair that two highly qualified and motivated candidates should be fighting each other from Clintonville and UA, when we don't seem to have any here in OH-12.

So, if you are one of those folks who hear the good rumors, tell me that the DCCC is already sweet-talking someone in the District. You don't have to tell me who. Just that it's on.

If you're not, tell me who you'd like to see run. Personally, although our most experienced Democrats live in the City of Columbus, I've stated before that my ideal candidate would be a female office holder that lives outside of the outerbelt.

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone have a personal or professional opinion of Dublin Mayor Marilee Chinnici-Zuercher?

Have a good weekend.


bev campbell said...

The Dublin mayor looks good on paper, but I have absolutely no other knowledge of her. On the other hand, what do you think of Sen. Ray Miller? I personally have a very high opinion of him. I think he has the right positions on the issues, a great record, lots of energy and charisma. Other than that, I have searched my brain and I cannot think of anyone else in the 12th.

ohdave said...

why not you?

bonobo said...


I like Ray Miller quite a bit. I worry that A) he's got his sights set on Voinovich's U.S. Senate seat, B) I'm not sure that he currently resides in the 12th, and C) that in order to win the District, a Dem candidate is going to have to cut the margin in Delaware County, and I'm not sure that Delaware will go for any Democrat with a Columbus address.

Those things notwithstanding, I'd be thrilled if he declared himself a candidate.

Dave, if that was addressed to Ms. Campbell, I'll let her respond. If that was addressed to me, I'm quite flattered, but this one isn't a starter race.

Rodger Moore said...

I would step up and help Bev Campbell if she was to run for the 12th. I am sure Emily Kreider is not going to run in '08 so I am willing to help who will run.

Bev Campbell said...

To Dave & Rodger I am humbled that you seem to think I would be a viable candidate. But that race may well be a bit above me right now. Particularly since I sincerely want to see a D win that seat...and there must be somebody who would present a stronger chance than me. That said, you know if I ever did decide to take on Mr. Tiberi, he would have a real fight on his hands! Right now that fight belongs to Mr. McGregor.

Rodger moore said...

Okay Bev I will help you win the 20th.

Bev Campbell said...

Thanks Rodger. Make sure you (and anyone else interested) are subscribed on my website ( as we will be having a meeting for the volunteers soon. We want to get started on 2008 early because just as the Democratic party is now targeting the 20th, we can be sure that the R's will also.