Sunday, March 11, 2007

Pat says something inoffensive

I usually make a mention when Pat Tiberi shows up in the news. Recently, Mr. Tiberi was quoted in an article on Health Care. Because of how my aggregator is set up, I would have expected to see the article twice. For some reason it has actually shown up between 15 and 20 times. So even though I was inclined to ignore the piece, I now say to the universe: okay already, I'll post.

The article talks about the tax changes Bush proposed in the State of the Union. Pat's take:

Although the plan has opponents in Congress, Rep. Pat Tiberi said that it should spark debate on the nation’s healthcare crisis.

"This may not be the answer, but what is clear to me is that we have to do something," the Genoa Township Republican said.

One interpretation is that Pat has finally has stopped cheerleading for W.

Of course, more interesting is the fact that Mr. Tiberi thinks that "we have to do something" about health care. What should we do? He's "not sure."

Welcome to 1990, Mr. Tiberi.

Now Google Deities, are you satisfied?

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