Thursday, March 15, 2007

This Episode Brought to you by the Letter 'B'

Yesterday, Blue Bexley missed out on the SOTS because Bonobo was out in Butler County for work. Today, Blue Bexley will most likely wait until late in the evening to weigh in on the Budget, which is today's Biggest news, Because Bonobo will be following BasketBall Brackets on the Best afternoon in sports. So:

1) Yesterday's speech was impressive, and it was a Big deal, But it was Basically a preface to the Budget, when the Guv puts our money where his mouth is. I would recommend OCSEA's Blog for Budget discussion/analysis, and I'm guessing that WLST and Pho will have must-read posts at some point.

UPDATE: Pho notes that the Budget Proposal is referred to as the Blue Book. How Jungian of me to dedicate this post to the letter B. An By the way, the Blue Book is up.

2) There is still time to join the totally free BuckeyeStateBracket. No money is involved, just Blogosphere Bragging rights. The Biggest reason to fill out a Bracket is so that you have at least a minimal Buy-In when you find yourself discussing the tournament. And you will find yourself in such a discussion. Remember, the Buckeyes play tonight.

To join in go to the game page (you'll need a free and easily obtained Yahoo ID if you don't have one), click join group, and join group# 42919, using the pa s sword 'bonobo'


Jill said...

The budget? numbers? Me? You are so generous. I just do the existential stuff, didn't you know? :)

bonobo said...


FCF Councils and ABC (Behavioral Health - Children) got line item increases built into the budget, when most everything else stayed flat or was decreased. I would have to make more disclosure than I would want to in order to comment on this, but I thought perhaps you might have something to say.

Jill said...

Two words or one name - Lee Fisher. I haven't looked at the budget yet - tsk tsk I know but I will get to it tonight or tomorrow morning for sure when I'll be captive in a basement for two hours unable to move.

However - based on my usual biases when it comes to strengthening such services, depending on the size of the increase and the design on what's to be done with the increase, I doubt I'll have a huge problem with it - just don't know - haven't seen.

I'll also say that again, as I said on the radio this morning, this is another lose-lose for any Republican who isn't willing to break somewhat with the hard right party line: such monies, I am guessing, go toward directly or indirectly strengthen families - isn't that a big call out from conservatives? Though they also like to call it handouts - which of course need not be one and the same.

Likewise, such monies upfront get at the problem of kids and families being on rolls for a lifetime or several lives' times.

Again - I need to look first, but that's my "without knowing" guess.