Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Well H-E Double Hockey Sticks

The Blue Jackets' season might have gone all to hell, but at least they'll be able to skate there. I just wrote a piece praising David Goodman, among others. The piece you're reading right now doesn't exactly praise Pat Tiberi, but it comes close enough that I'd expect you to be able to ice fish on the River Styx...

In his most recent opinion piece, Mr. Tiberi doesn't whine, moan, or hurl accusations. He states that he truly believes that entitlement reform is the biggest issue facing Congress, and explains what he believes will happen to future budgets if the problems are not addressed. My guess is that Mr. Tiberi and I would disagree on which economist to trust when it comes to projecting future revenue and future entitlement-related obligations. I am nearly certain that Mr. Tiberi and I would disagree on the changes that could/should be made in programs like Medicare and Social Security to ensure their solvency going forward.

But we both agree that it is a serious issue, and that the options that are available now are both more numerous and less painful than the options that are likely to exist down the road. What I read today sounded more like somebody who believed that there was a problem that he wants to help solve than someone who wants to blame his political opponents for not solving it.

It's a start.

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