Thursday, March 01, 2007

Head Spinning

My day job goes through periods of lull and periods of intense workload. It's nice when the universe of bloggable events becomes active during slow work weeks, but that hasn't been the case lately. Moving from in to out:

I blogged last week about the planned switchover to Linux by the Bexley City Schools. That's actually what has been keeping traffic going through this week of sparse blogging. I never thought I was the kind of person who got petulant about hat tips, but when I see Belgian articles state that the news article mentioned that they hadn't even priced a Vista upgrade... well, let's just say that ThisWeek never mentioned Vista, and like the grunge band in Singles, I must be big in Belgium.

From blue bexley out to Bexley... I made a resolution to be more informed and informative about local government and politics, but things are moving faster than I anticipated. Our council president, Helen MacMurray, is stepping down and moving to New Albany. Before I get distracted by noting that David Goodman, also a former Bexley Council Member, preceded her in the move to Wexnerville, I need to mention that she has said that she wants to be near her new law firm, which she has formed in New Albany. I'm a bit confused, because it sounds almost as if the law firm ended up outside of the Outerbelt accidentally, and Ms. MacMurray has to step down to chase it. She has floated the idea of sticking around by having her newly formed firm take over as City Attorney. The only problem is that the City Attorney must reside in the City of Bexley, which she doesn't. I mean, she does, but she won't after she moves to be closer to her job as Bexley City Attorney in New Albany...

I'm nowhere near informed or informative enough to keep joking about this. I've never met Ms. MacMurray, and quite honestly it will be months before I have any good idea whether or not I should have been sad to see her (sort of) go, and whether I'll wish I had been more or less teasing in the prior paragraph. In the meantime, the reason that she can talk about the City Attorney's position is that our current City Attorney Jim Gross is retiring later this year. Before that happens, the City Council will have to vote on a replacement for MacMurray from among the pool of applications received by the Mayor's Office during the next two weeks. If the Council fails to act, a replacement will be appointed by Mayor David Madison. Assuming that he hasn't moved up his tentatively planned retirement date.

So, it's obvious that a lot of shuffling will be going on at City Hall this year. Whether that means a lot of real changes or is specifically to forestall changes is the sort of thing I'll be trying to figure out. If anyone wants to offer a tutorial, I'll buy you a beverage of your choice.`

From Bexley out to Ohio. Even with the expansion of the blogroll this week, I don't really link to too many folks. So it seemed like half of my blogroll was involved in a mini-drama this week...I'll admit that I took Jill's Buckeye Institute post at face value. Which left me trying to figure out how to say what Eric said, nicely. Of course, that sort of thing is better said somewhat not-nicely and over the top, so I'm glad Eric said it instead of me. Especially since Jill says He/I/We should have read between the lines and caught the "oh-so-innocently playing along with the irony-challenged right-wingers" intent of the post. And given that Jerid, simultaneously side-stepping and acknowledging Jill's post, did exactly what Jill was subtly threatening, leads me to believe that perhaps I really should have.

And finally, from Ohio out. It's not like I'm already sick of the Presidential race, I'm not, but I have to admit that I have a hard time getting up for it. Even with Obama having lunch a couple hundred feet downstream of me, nothing. I just have a hard time believing that anything will change significantly between now and August, and if it does, it almost can't be a good thing for Dems. What will happen between now and then is fund-raising. Lots of it. I really dislike the fund-raising process. It's absolutely necessary. I just don't like it.


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bonobo said...


I have to admit that of all the posts I've put up over the months, I'm pretty surprised that this is the first one that has gotten that comment.

I'd be happy to elaborate, just tell me which point(s) are least coherent:

1) I've been too busy to post, even though I've had a bunch to say.

2) The entry is organized from events restricted to the space closest to me (my blog) moving to bigger and bigger spheres (my city, my state, my nation).

3) My political blog has been getting a bunch of linux-geek traffic. The story has spread internationally, and evidence exists that my blog entry was the uncredited source for some of these reports.

4) Bexley's City Council President is stepping down and moving to New Albany (home and base of operations for Ohio's richest individual, Les Wexner) to be closer to her job. Which is strange, because she put her job there in the first place. The linked article also talks about the mayor and the office of City Attorney. If this is the part that confused you, I'll let you split the cost of buying a beer for anyone who actually knows what's going on in Bexley.

5) As I'm sure you're aware, Jill at Writes Like She Talks wrote a post praising the non-partisan Buckeye Institute's new Statehouse watchdog blog. Like many others, I thought she was serious and had been taken in by right-wing spin. I was surprised and felt very awkward saying anything. But as a couple of days went by and one of the most read bloggers in Ohio ws still on record praising the Buckeye Institute, I was feeling compelled to post something to the effect of "don't listen to Jill."

Eric beat me to it. And his style (somewhat paradoxically) was much more appropriate than mine would have been. Especially since she was subtly engaged in the blogging equivalent of ju-jitsu. When Jerid at BSB suggested that BI start with Blackwell's farewell checks, he was doing exactly what Jill says she was trying to suggest. So, I misunderstood. Eric expressed a point-of-view similar to mine. Jill explained that she was mocking, not sincere. I went back and looked, and decided that the clues had been there. I should have gotten it. On a sidenote, I've been in touch with both Jill and Eric and they both have stressed that they are fine with each other, which is good.

6) I'm having a hard time getting excited about the Presidential race. Lots of folks got excited about Obama's swing through the state. I didn't. Not because there's anything wrong with him. It just seems silly in February of '07.

So, if "Uh, what?" meant "You're incoherent," I hope this has helped. If "Uh, what?" meant "You can't possibly be saying something as inane as I think you're saying," I hope this has clarified that question as well.

Jill said...

Ah! Comments are working again. Bonobo speaks the truth.

But, for good measure, I'll add that my young teen son and husband knew exactly what I meant. Course, they've been exposed to me for a few years. :)