Friday, April 11, 2008

Riskind's Trying

I've said before that Pat Tiberi has a chum at the Dispatch in Washington Correspondent Jonathan Riskind. Recently, just 3 days after Pat was widely if gently ridiculed for his lover-scorned relationship with pork, J.R. (coincidentally) went out of his way to write a "Good News" story in which he sang the praises of the decision of the Base Realignment folks to consolidate jobs on the Eastside in Columbus/Whitehall. This happens to be the same project that was touted as the pork-power justifying reelection for the three Central Ohio House Reps in the Dispatch Editorial Board's endorsement in 2006.

Admittedly, Riskind only credits generic "Ohio Lawmakers," and while the article only mentions one Congressperson by name at all, it's not Pat.

Perhaps this will make up for that oversight

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