Friday, April 11, 2008

Woodland Meadows Link History

I've been getting most of my hits from searches on three topics lately. First of all, a certain indicted resident of Bexley. Second, Nicole Harrrison, a volunteer for Emily Kreider's State Senate campaign, would seem to be the same Nicole Harrison who recently passed away in a tragic car accident. For wildly different reasons I'm not incredibly excited about either of those site-traffic boosters. The other topic? Woodland Meadows.

I've probably written as much as anybody not employed by the Dispatch on on Woodland Meadows over the last two years, though not much lately. For those who got here trying to catch up, here are some things you might be interested in:

"A menace, a war zone and the worst blight (Mayor Coleman) has seen anywhere" -- An introduction to Woodland Meadows.

Jorge Newbery's short-lived "Save Woodland Meadows" Blog.

A view of the WM parcel and the North Bexley tax abatement zone.

I asked Mayor Coleman about the Woodland Meadows parcel after it was knocked down. This is what he said during that pre-election group interview.

I also asked then-mayoral-candidate and current Bexley Services Director Bill Harvey about the parcel in a pre-election interview. At the time he was in favor of Bexley aggressively pursuing a purchase.

And that's the last I've heard or written until this week, which has been covered reasonably well in the print media.

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Verdad said...

Sorry, Bexley Boosters.

Like the All-Day Kindergarten Moms, you're going to be raising your own money to do this. Because if the true reason full day kindergarten was shot down was lack of funding (absent a levy), it's a non-starter that the district would consider using taxpayer money to fund this exponentially more expensive, non-academic endeavor, however well-intentioned and popular it is.

As for the council end of things, gentlemen (and lady), read my lips: police station, infrastructure, mansion. Please don't make me repeat it.