Thursday, May 15, 2008

Love a Parade?

Nancy Garland, running for the 20th District State House Seat, will be walking in the New Albany Founders Day Parade on Saturday (May 17), and she's inviting supporters to walk the route with her.

So have some fun and do your part in making a Dem majority in the State House a reality. If you're planning to participate, you'll need to be at the staging point by 10:30am. Interested parties should RSVP to, who can also answer any other questions.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha

No thanks. I'd rather hang with good (and honest) progressive people like Bev Campbell.

Nancy Garland, Ted Celeste and the Republicans/DINOs they represent can take a hike !! (by themselves - without volunteers).

I'm thinking about voting for and supporting a few Republicans instead of Republican Lite Celeste and Garland who got inappropriately endorsed by the Dem Party in a VERY similar and unfair way to how Marc Dann got endorsed by the ODP for 2006 (during the primary against Chandra).

Yep, Dann WAS the "Culture of Corruption" Mann. Now he's worrying about jail time.

Far too many Democrats are HYPOCRITES !!!