Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stories don't move that fast in Ohio...

Many of you reading this will already know more about this than I will summarize here. For the rest of you...

Yesterday, media reported Dann would resign in afternoon.
Then, maybe not.
Then, working on a deal to trade resignation for reprieve from investigation.
Then, no deal, no resignation, no further announcements...

media report Dann spokesman says Dann will have big announcement at 12pm, no leaks, attendance mandatory.
Then, Dann in meetings with Lee Fisher and Ben Espy.
Then, Noon comes, and no press conference.
Then, state troopers working for inspector general engage in raid of Dann's office, lock down 17th floor, search employees bags, sieze computers and video equipment, all in front of confused media assembled for apparently fictitious press conference.
Dann is said to be out having lunch.
Dann spokesman denies ever saying that there would be a press conference.
Bloggers, who have been a step behind this story for the last few days, start collecting and relaying hints that Dann has been arrested.
If you don't already have a reader full of blogs, you might want to keep checking here and here.

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