Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Surreal Dann Resignation Story

My wife was getting an award this afternoon in a ceremony held in a basement gym at the RPAC (student rec bldg.) at OSU. Gordon Gee cracked a joke about all of the researchers in the gym surrounded by hulking workout people visible through glass walls. So anyway, I found out that Marc and Ted were going to have their presser via googlereader for cellphones. When the ceremony ended there was a traffic jam of people trying to go up the single staircase leading to the main floor, so after milling for a bit, my wife went to find a ladies room and I gravitated to a TV mounted above a bench and watched the breathless breaking news that Marc Dann had resigned. There were two guys sitting on the bench, one supremely bored, and one transfixed. When Sarah got back I told her that Dann had finally stepped down. The transfixed guy turns around and says:

"So, do you know what he did wrong?"

It was a sincerely asked question, and I was a bit taken aback. I said something like "there was sexual harrassment going on in his office, the harrassment was being done by his buddy, who happened to also be his roommate, and some of the bad stuff was going on at his house..."

"Oh. Wow. I used to babysit his kids, so I was just wondering. It's kind of weird, huh?"

I had no idea what to say. I shrugged and headed for the stairs.

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Ben said...

That it is pretty shocking.

Its always a wake up when people like us realize that others dont spend their lives consumed by this political stuff