Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I'm a word-play nerd. This is never more evident than when I reference a nerdy word-play joke, and it turns out nobody else gets it. From The Pointer Sisters' "Neutron Dance" (the lyrics of the song are all about not having the money to do anything but the Neutron Dance, and the one key fact about Neutrons is that they have no charge), to the old school Unix browser "Lynx," which was named such not so much for the wild feline, but because you could, for the first time, utilize hypertext and its defining feature... Links.

  1. The Correct 'Blogging in Tongues' Link
  2. The Columbus Peace Resolution
  3. The New OSU Research Blog (some of y'all might find this particular entry interesting...)
  4. Free Obama '08 Stickers
  5. Delaware County Axe Grinding

1 comment:

Blogesque said...

The Lynx command-line web browser is still damned useful, especially when the X server won't start and you can't get to the GUI.

Thanks for reminding me that I hadn't reinstalled it on my Ubuntu Linux system after the last OS upgrade. :P