Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Bev Campbell Brings up an Excellent Point

From the comments:

Bev Campbell said...

Bev Campbell here. Just want to make sure that you and your readers know that I am accepting contributions through ActBlue. With three weeks left, we have learned that not only are we polling ahead of the incumbent, Jim McGregor but that "they" are scared of us. I cannot imagine why...."I just tell them the truth, and they think it is ____!"

It is now easier than ever to donate to state level candidates through ActBlue. The Blue Bexley ActBlue page now allows you to contribute directly to both Bev Campbell and Emily Kreider without having to click out to the candidates' websites. You can contribute to multiple candidates with one transaction. It's easy. I just did it. To paraphrase the great poet T.S. Geisel:

Have you donated money to a Dem Candidate?
You should.
Donating is fun,
And fun is good.

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