Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Writing About Republican Dishonesty Gets Boring

But somebody's gotta do it. Today's example is from the Bexley News - Letters to the Editor. The letter is in the Oct. 18 print issue, but it does not appear that the Suburban News Publications website has posted this week's letters to the electronic version at this time.

Anyway, the letter goes like this:

"To the Editor-
"At a recent candidate's forum, I had the opportunity to hear from both candidates for State Senate - David Goodman and Emily Kreider. As an educator, a former PTA vice-president, and a mother of two sons who attended Westerville City Schools first through twelfth grade, I was listening carefully for their positions on how to improve our schools.

"David Goodman talks about how much of our tax dollars have already gone to our schools, but he recognizes that it isn't enough and that education needs to be an even bigger priority of the state budget. He is also concerned about property taxes and how they burden working families, particularly senior citizens. He has taken steps to help, introducing a bill to cap property taxes for seniors on a fixed income.
"From Emily Kreider, I heard a lot of rhetoric, but very few ideas on how to improve our current situation. I came to the forum with an open mind, and sincerely wanted to hear how both candidates believed they could improve the childrens' education in Ohio.
"Senator Goodman has shown that he has a plan for the future, and the expertise and drive to achieve his goals..."

blah blah Kreider's vague blah missed levy votes blah

"...To me the choice is clear in this race. I am backing David Goodman."

-Debra L Aichele

I could write about how Goodman's plan for schools is to stay the stellar course that the legislature has been on, or that the property tax cap wasn't his idea, but those things, as I said, are starting to get boring.

So I'll just say that one of those sons that Debra Aichele mentioned, Nathan Aichele, must be very proud of his mother's ability to keep an open mind, even though he works for Goodman's Ohio State Senate Republican Caucus.

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