Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jennifer Brunner's got great fans

  • Fans of Jennifer Brunner are linking to a video explaining Greg Hartmann's incompetence regarding the release of Social Security numbers and other data.

  • I personally think the video should be cut down to one minute, but definitely keeping the entire (quite amusing) screen capture sequence. I'm not about to start criticizing Brunner fans, though, as at least some of them have donated money through the ActBlue Page. You can rent my goodwill as well.

  • One of these video-linking fans is Cindy, from As Ohio Goes..., who also clued me in to Fantasy Congress. I play fantasy football and fantasy hockey, and write a political blog. I have absolutely no business adding more politics or fantasy sports to my already stretched thin time, but... My league is called GeeksCaucus, and it is completely unlocked and public if you'd like to join me (join and draft anytime, but Congress is in recess and scoring won't go live until after Election Day. Until then there are better uses of your time).

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