Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Shamansky v. Tiberi play by play in the Dispatch

So, in my continuing distinction of my opinion of the Dispatch as purveyors of opinion as opposed to my opinion on them as purveyors of fact, let me bring up Joe Hallet's play-by-play of last night's debate. Mr. Hallet shows up in a number of venues other than in simple print reporting. You may have seen him on TV as a debate panelist or encountered him during internet chats. In those contexts, I must admit, I have sometimes found him irritating. But like his colleague Catherine Candisky (one of last night's panelists), his by-line keeps showing up when I go back to check who wrote a particularly impressive story.

I would have to think that both candidates would be happy with the summary, which hits the high points of substantive issue differences and the clarification of the high-profile claims made by the Republican Party as to Bob Shamansky's residence.

As such, I feel free to offer more impression and less summary, and I refer y'all to Hallet if you want the post-game sports report version.

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