Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday Updates

I'm trying to get back into the loop. I was out of town this weekend, flitting back and forth between Melissa Bean's district and Denny Hastert's district in Northern Illinois. My In-Laws said that the political ads there were crazy mean and pretty much constant, but I only saw a couple of NRCC attacks on Bean. It's nothing like Central Ohio. I showed them some of our ads. By the way, if you go to YouTube, you'll find that the sum total of all views of videos produced to benefit the Tiberi Campaign is (as of post-time) 613.

The total # of views for just the Bob Shamansky 'Anvil' ad is 15,431.

And I'm not sure, but I think a bunch of Pat's traffic comes from this site, anyway.

If you are looking for more substantive differences between the candidates to play up when chatting with friends and family, there will be a debate tomorrow night at 7pm, to be broadcast live on ONN (rumor has it C-SPAN will pick it up, as well). If you miss it, I will of course be giving post-debate commentary right here, for whatever that's worth to anyone.

And by the way, I missed a much better LTE that came out at the same time as the sock-puppetry in the Bexley News, this one in This Week: Bexley.

And oh yeah, the Lions are 8-1 heading into the regular season finale with Columbus Academy.

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Political Outcast said...

Yeah, if her idea of Turning Ohio Around is ' plan to Turn Ohio Around is to support Ted Strickland'. Whatever.