Friday, December 15, 2006

20th District Race to be Certified for McGregor (R-Gahanna)

From what I've been told, the recounting of the vote raised as many questions as it has answered, but the Franklin County BOE has decided to declare McGregor as the winner over Bev Campbell.

I'll do a recap later on when I have more info


Abbey said...

Please feed us information bit by bit rather than part of a later to come long expose.

I believe you might be able to find out some reliable details from Eric Vessels.

open mind said...

Who more reliable than the sources themselves?

Abbey said...

Given the fact that Jim McGregor did not show his face during the recount, I would only rely on Bev Campbell to fill in details about what, if any, future legal action will take place.

Although I don't feel it is necessary for me to explain why Eric Vessels is a "good" source, I will say that he has a special situation to gather information if Bev in some way is unable to communicate at the moment.

Of course Bev and Jim are the best sources, but I doubt Jim is going to be talking very much.

Sometimes it takes an end around to find out information. But, until Bev releases communication we may be able to find out bits and pieces from other sources.

Would you have questioned Woodward and Berstein's "All the President's Men" techniques of gathering information for a story?

I believe Nixon's resignation proved that Woodward and Bernstein were effective at getting information that was either coming out too slow or was difficult/impossible to obtain in any other way.

bonobo said...

I'm not trying to be a tease, and Eric is posting some stuff on his own blog. The person who told me that there were still questions about some of the votes, and that there would be more story to be written later, explicitly told me that they were uncomfortable with me publishing anything more specific right now.

As it doesn't really pay to burn your sources, I'm not putting anything more out until I hear something new.

Abbey said...

I'm not digging at you bonobo, but public information is key. The Campbell campaign should release a statement to the media, including blogs.

Leaving the story sit too long only causes the media and reader's interest to be redirected in some other direction. Not to mention a drop-off in support if you wait too long.

Once people lose interest in the issues, they are likely not to return in a supportive role.

The peak of interest is dropping regarding the general public. Information should be released to keep people up-to-date.

Lawyers love secrecy. The public desires information. Bev should be well aware of this based on her profession and on how the Board of Elections treated her regarding stalling about giving information she had a right to have.

What's the big freakin' secret Bev? Why is it taking so long to release a statement?

You have two groups of election protection groups who have been working on your behalf. You also have four different attorneys, from two different organizations who are ready and willing to fight.

You also have two non-profit progressive organizations that are willing to help you with media and public relations communication.

All this and your campaign staff as well as your supporters.

Let the public know Bev, you have the best team of people to pull you through this that I've ever witnessed. Time is of the essence.

open mind said...

"What's the big freakin' secret Bev? Why is it taking so long to release a statement?"

Surely you must realize if Ms. Campbell had anything to say, she would have said it. She is not shy. There is no secret, no conspiracy. There is nothing to release. The race is over. And the piece on progressohio is patently false. Please wait until the official recount results are released, and then see who gained votes.

Interesting quote about McGregor not showing his face. The Ohio House session was in.

Abbey said...

The Statehouse is within 5 blocks of the Board of Elections. That's a short walk for Jim to make.

I guess Jim was too busy plotting and planning how to pillage the people of Ohio a little more before Strickland evicts Taft from the Statehouse and Governor's Mansion.

Question- why did Damschroder not release the list of disqualified provisionals for inspection by the recount team or Bev's attorneys ?

In addition, Damschroder ignored public records requests for these exact same disqualified provisionals that was filed mere days after election day by election observer teams that were unrelated to any candidate campaign

This is one "bit" of information that I know about.

If the "race is over" for Bev, she should say so on her website. But, I believe she has a case regarding Damschroeder's refusal to release data on disqualified provisionals.

But, who am I to be so curious ?

Bev Campbell said...

By mid-week you and everyone else will know exactly what our plans are. Until then, sit back and take a deep breath.

PS to Abbey: The issues go far beyond just my race so I sure hope the public doesn't lose interest.

Abbey said...

Yippee, Bev's gonna do it !!!

Thank goodness for people with a backbone like Bev Campbell !!

I saw her in action at the Board of Elections. She has been standing-up for fair and honest elections like no other Ohio candidate I've seen or heard of (with the exception of Stephanie Tubbs Jones after the 2004 debacle)

Ramp-up the communication preparations, gather all supporters and email everyone you know to get ready for Wednesday !!

We ARE with YOU Bev Campbell !!

Abbey said...

Oops I wrote "Wednesday" but Bev wrote "mid-week"

I guess "mid-week" could mean Thursday, but hopefully not Friday because that is a horrible day to get widespread news coverage.

The main reason is that reporters and editors are ramping up for their off work activities (at least in theory). Also, the general public pays less attention to the news on Friday for the same "weekend" preparation thing.

Thursday is good though, but Wednesday is better.

Regardless, BEV'S GONNA DO IT !!!