Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Says it better than I ever could have

In my post below, I try to give a contrast between the people that Central Ohio wants to attract, what is supposed to be attractive to such folks, and the ideas/realities of Central Ohio that seem to be quite counter-productive to those goals.

One of the things that I included was a quote from the Dispatch concerning Gov. Taft's supposed last-minute appointment of Intelligent Design supporters to the Board of Education, a move that simultaneously makes Ohio look anti-science, highlights the repressive elements of Ohio society, reminds people that we have the least popular governor in the country, and that he can't seem to help but lying right up until the end, as he had explicitly stated that he would use these appointments to put pro-evolution members on the board.

It fit so well with so many people's ideas. Mine. BSB's. ProgressOhio's. Most importantly, the Dispatch's. It made perfect sigh-worthy sense.

Of course, it appears to have been blatantly wrong.

So, Mr. Taft, Ohio, I'm sorry that I helped spread the story. My purpose, however, was as much about sketching the impressions as listing facts. And this little anecdote seems to make the point about impressions better than I could have hoped to.


ohdave said...

Well done.

I don't really think Taft has been that bad as Republicans go. He has been weak and ineffectual, but really with a governor like Blackwell or Raga in office the last eight years and with the ultra-conservative legislature...well things could have been worse I think.

Jill said...

Cute post, Bonobo. :) I wrote the reporter, a couple of editors and Joe Hallett about what I believe is the error but haven't heard nor seen ANYTHING about the appointees in ANY MSM (or blog for that matter) about it. What's sad to point out is that NO ONE, myself included, wrote a WORD about these appointees until someone thought (the Dispatch) the they were pro-Intelligent Design. That does NOT speak well, I think. I.e., no one wrote to say, hey look - Taft appointed okay folks when it comes to ID. And then ask, what will those folks do re: charters etc.

We shall see!