Thursday, December 14, 2006

Spell Noel with No L and get great gift ideas

The coins may be gone, but have you been wondering what the State of Ohio is going to do with all of the other collectibles Tom Noe bought for the BWC? Well, the ones that actually exist are going to be auctioned off or sold to dealers:

That’s how the new managers have sold most of the coins that were part of the state investment, with auctioneers preparing catalogs and selling the coins at major auctions nationwide.

Brandt said there are questions about whether Noe paid fair-market value for some of the collectibles, so it’s not clear how much the state might recover until sales are held.

"We have concerns that some of these transactions were to the advantage of the seller," Brandt said. "At some point we’re going to see what the stuff is worth and get the most that we can for it."

It seems to me that one thing the state isn't counting on is the added value of having been involved in the scandal and change in Government... For instance, given the choice between two personal checks signed by Ty Cobb, I'd much rather have one that helped bring down one-party rule in Ohio. Of course, while I'd happily accept just one of the 96 Presidential Canes, I'd much rather have the 1963 Christmas Card signed by JFK, although it makes think morbid thoughts regarding the dangers of signing Christmas Cards before Thanksgiving...

Anyway, I don't know how soon these things are going up on Noe-Bay, but if you have hard-to-buy-for political junkie on your list, you can check out some of the highlights here.

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