Thursday, December 14, 2006

Fantasy Lame Ducks, Fantasy 110th

Before the election, Fantasy Congress got a lot of buzz. Then, for me at least, it got lost in the shuffle.

I have started a league that, as of now, has two members, only one of whom (me) has drafted a team yet. Anyone can join, and I encourage you to do so. The lame duck session is practice. What they've promised for the 110th is:

  • "How will the draft season work for the upcoming Congress?"
  • As you read this, we're working to add many new features to Fantasy Congress, and some of the biggest additions have to do with the drafting process. At the end of the lame duck session, before the 110th Congress starts in January, you will be able to draft the new MCs who were just elected on November 7th as they take the floor for the first time. Watch the news on the home page and this entry of the FAQ for more details in the coming weeks.
    Furthermore, league managers will also have the option of adding "exclusive draft" to their leagues when they create them. In an exclusive draft league, teams will follow a procedure to take turns choosing MCs, and each MC will only be available for draft once per league, similar to the drafting system of other fantasy sports. In other words, if one Citizen picks Nancy Pelosi on his or her turn, no other team in that league will be able to draft Pelosi.
    You'll also be able to draft more than a full team, so that instead of redrafting on weekends you can just take members off the field and replace them with members from your own bench. Furthermore, you'll be able to trade MCs with other Citizens in your league.
This is a much better set-up, but it requires a number of players, each with some non-trivial level of commitment, or it rapidly becomes no fun...

So, by all means, if you're interested, please check it out.

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