Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Goodman Running for Franklin County Court of Appeals

Hat Tip to Paul at BSB for catching something I inexplicably missed as it was reported:

State Sen. David Goodman, a New Albany Republican who won a second four-year term last year, is planning to run for a seat on the Franklin County Court of Appeals in 2008.

I made a snide comment over there about six year terms being even better than four year terms if you want to keep running for other offices in years that you're not up for re-election. I prefaced it by saying two year terms are really bad for that, so don't expect him to go for Tiberi's seat if it opens up. That was taken a tad more seriously than I intended, but wasn't pulled entirely out of my rear-end... it reflects speculation that has been left in comments here... there's no way I'm going to stand behind that speculation (I was joking, after all), but if anybody else does, feel free to comment here or at the BSB story.

Anyway, what this actually might be is a case of having few other viable options due to term-limits for state seats but not federal. If Tiberi sticks around through the '10 election, Goodman would be left running (it seems to me, and feel free to castigate me if I'm simply just plain wrong here...) for County Commisoner (a race he's already lost) or something statewide (against an incumbent Democrat or in a higher-profile judicial race).

Also, moving on is good for the GOP, who I'm sure would like to run an incumbent in the 3rd in 2010.

Having said all of that, I think the bench plays to Mr. Goodman's strengths more than the legislature does. Maybe he just wants to be a judge. It'll be an interesting campaign to watch.

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