Friday, May 11, 2007


I just posted a fundraising appeal. I used to hate fundraising, and really didn't trust anyone who asked for money. Of course, after watching Republicans wielding war chests and what that was capable of achieving, I gave in. I decided that there was nothing to do but to simultaneously work for campaign finance reform and join the GOP on the cash-fueled playground.

So, one of those 'at least our side doesn't...' items had fallen away. That's okay. There's plenty more. As soon as I got done posting today's appeal, however, I got an invitation from the Party to write a letter to the editor. One thing that is often obvious about Republican attempts at persuasion is that they are generated from a central set of widely distributed talking points. It's contemptible. But apparently, effective. So our side wants to play ball, too (make sure to click on the second tab).

There's no McCain-Feingold that's ever going to take a stab at removing blind mimicry from the electoral process. Sigh.

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