Monday, September 24, 2007

More on the FCDP Endorsement of Jones

I received an email from Suzanne Goldsmith-Hirsch today with a more detailed announcement of the party's endorsement of Robyn Jones. If this were any other race, my self-appointed role would involve pushing the Jones candidacy at this point. That's not my current agenda, but I figured that it should be noted.

In the meantime, add Ms. Jones to the list of candidates with websites. Like Blue Bexley, there are multiple URL's that can get you there, but for simplicity's sake I'm replacing them all with the easier-to-remember - even in the letter below (w/permission):

Dear Precinct and Block Captains, and other interested Democrats and Democrat-leaning voters,

The Franklin County Democratic Party voted last Wednesday to endorse candidate Robyn Jones for Mayor of Bexley. Their vote was based on the unanimous recommendation of a committee which included me and the other ward leaders (Cynthia Ruccia, David Neubauer and Marc Fishel) as well as four party representatives from various sectors.

We interviewed the three candidates (out of a field of 8) who sought party endorsement: Robyn, Bill Minckler and Bill Harvey. Frankly, all three seemed to be intelligent and thoughtful candidates but it was our assessment that Robyn has the most relevant experience, from her time on the City Council, the best track record of getting out in the community and talking with people about what's going on in Bexley, a strong history of working with the party (she is one of the few candidates in recent memory to run explicitly as a Democrat for City Council) and most importantly, a demonstrated ability to campaign hard and win. It was our assessment that that will be very important in such a splintered field.

Robyn also has a unique and relevant set of skills and background: she is a former public school teacher (14 years) as well as a lawyer with 13 years' experience at the Ohio Dept. of Taxation. She is well-versed in the issues surrounding real estate taxes, tax abatement and development. Here's a link to her website:

Why does party affiliation or endorsement matter in the Mayoral election? Our municipal elections are non-partisan, after all. I think it matters because

a) It is a strong indicator of a candidate who shares some of our most essential values, such as compassion, the role of government in strengthening communities, and the importance of equal opportunity for all, and

b) Electing strong Democrats at the local level strengthens our party's ability to field, support and elect Democrats at the state and national level. In some cases, municipal office is the first step to higher office. In others, these local office-holders can bring leadership and momentum to our local organizing efforts.

I don't think we should inject national politics into a local mayor's race. But I do think that party affiliation (and endorsement) is an important factor to consider when choosing a mayor or city councillor.

Robyn is hosting a "tailgate party" at her house, 825 Vernon Road, at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday, September 29. I encourage you to attend and find out more about Robyn. Further, please consider hosting a coffee or other casual gathering where your friends and neighbors can meet Robyn and get a sense of her candidacy. If you agree that Robyn deserves your support, then let's try to put the organization we have been building to work on her behalf!
Thanks for your time,

Note to other candidates: I will publicize any and all campaign events including fundraisers like Ms. Jones' tailgate. Just send me the info.


Captain said...

I'm posting this here because I want you to see it, Bonobo.

For the love of God (or anything else you love if atheist or agnostic)--please do something with that Minckler video so it doesn't play automatically when your site is accessed. Please. It's the video equivalent of the mammoth (and premature) Harvey signs on Main Street

Nothing against the candidate or the message, but it's distracting at best. Putting a link to it seems reasonable.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Robyn Jones, you have accomplished the endorsement of the Franklin County Dems. From your accomplishments on city council, you have worked much harder at receiving "the endorsement" than working for the voters of Bexley.
I do appreciate your budgetary skills with your idea of saving money. Robyn's idea she proudly shared (no one else was proud of the idea, more in shock that you would be serious about your idea)- Robyn's idea to cut the city employees gasoline allowance- approx. $120.00 monthly for 8-10 management staff and for the city to buy ONE CAR for these 8-10 people to schedule and share for city business transportation. 8-10 people with ONE CAR ???additionally what would the insurance rate be for all these people sharing one car, the scheduling issues wasting productive work hours,and city staff being confined with sharing one car for transportation while trying to provide services to the Bexley community. WOW !!!
Ms.Jones just remember when you enter a room with only one door, when its time for you to leave you can still exit using the same door.