Sunday, September 23, 2007

Other Updates

1) After missing the meeting on Wednesday, I just got word that the Franklin County Democratic Party endorsed Robyn Jones for mayor. I will hopefully have more on that anon.

2) Two of the three newsweeklies have relatively new Bexley beat reporters. I noted earlier that Bonnie Butcher had taken over the beat for ThisWeek, but I've been a bit behind in noting that Sara Johnson had taken over from David Cross at SNP's Bexley News. I first heard about the switch from someone who had spoken with her at a city council meeting, and folks seem impressed with her. One of the only conversations I had with her predecessor was about the SNP website, and I was told that a major upgrade was coming at the end of this summer. Well, it's here, and it makes a decent first impression.

3) I've been getting a little overly mayor-focused. I'll try to have Council and School-Board updates this week.

4) I'll be watching Pat Tiberi on the SCHIP (child and family health insurance) issue. He made a really big deal about not wanting to cut benefits for seniors to pay for expansion. Now that that's gone, will he vote with the overwhelming majority, or with the declining few who won't vote against W on anything?

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Anonymous said...

I'll look forward to hearing more information about the candidates for the Bexley Board of Education. There are no educators currently on the school board. Michele Kusma is the candidate for school board who is an educator and has excellent qualifications. You may view Michele Kusma's website at: