Monday, September 24, 2007

My apologies, one way or the other...

I tried to embed the campaign video from Bill Minckler's website here. I have not been able to stop the video from auto-playing, and more importantly, something about the video or the way I embedded it crashes Blogger's Post Editor, so I can't even just remove the video and replace it with a link. I could have recreated the text of the post by cutting/pasting and just a link to the video, but that occurred to me after I got frustrated and deleted the whole thing, so I would have had to start from scratch.

So... The first web video of the 2007 mayoral campaign is available at Bill Minckler's website,

p.s. I also mused about web vs. traditional campaigning, etc., etc. If it had been that brilliant, trust me, I would have found a way to salvage it.

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