Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Early Childhood Candidate Forum

Sheesh. I dropped the ball on this one. The organizers were very helpful in getting me extra info about this event a month ago, but until it popped up on my calendar, I had completely forgotten to post about it.

groundWork is an organization that works on promoting early childhood care and school readiness issues. They are holding a series of candidate forums around Ohio where State House and Senate Candidates will take questions regarding "early care and education issues, including health, mental health, kindergarten, preschool, child care, and other issues important to young children."

The Columbus area forum is TONIGHT at 6:30 p.m. at the Vern A. Riffe Capitol Theater downtown.

Both candidates in the 20th district are on the RSVP list I was sent last month, so you'll be able to hear both Nancy Garland and her opponent discuss these issues. Both candidates in the 19th and 21st had also RSVP'd, as well.

The event is absolutely free, and early registration was strongly suggested. I blew that for y'all, but if you're interested in attending you should by all means get in touch and see if there is still space available:

phone: (216) 781-2944
email: info AT ohioearlycare DOT org

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